eufy 2K Indoor Cam Enclosure for Outdoor

I recently purchased the Eufy off amazon because it was very cheap, I have the YI Home outdoor cameras but they are not 2k. Since the Eufy camera was meant for indoor, I designed an enclosure to be used outdoors.

There are (2) variations of the design for the Eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam

Stock Mount – These are to be used with the mount/stand that comes with the camera.
1 x Eufy2kCamera_StockMount_Enclosure_v2.stl
1 x Eufy2kCamera_StockMount_Backplate_v2.stl
1 x Eufy2kCamera_StockMount_Sunvisor_v2.stl (optional)
1 x Eufy2kCamera_StockMount_Sunvisor_Extended_v2.stl (optional)

3rd Party Mount – 1/4 Thread – These are to be used with anything 3rd party security, some additional hardware is required. See Note Below.
1 x Eufy2kCamera_3rdPartyMount_Enclosure_v2.stl
1 x Eufy2kCamera_3rdPartyMount_Backplate_v2.stl
1 x Eufy2kCamera_3rdPartyMount_Sunvisior_v2.stl (optional)
1 x Eufy2kCamera_3rdPartyMount_Sunvisior_Extended_v2.stl (optional)

Hardware required:

4 x M3x10mm screws
4 x 3x5mm(L)-5.4mm(OD) Metric Threaded Brass Knurl Round Insert Nuts

Hardware required for 3rd party mount.

1 x Threaded Insert, 1/4 inches-20 x 6mm L x 8mm OD Female Thread

3rd Party Outdoor Mounts I used. – 4 Pack Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera Wall Mount

Notes are below with the images, you’ll need to heat up the push fittings to insert into the plastic parts for the mount.

Update 11/02/2020 – Added an Extended version of the sun visor if wanted. Modified the backplate to accommodate it as well.

Update 11/02/2020 – Fixed chamfering on the backplate. Updates to v3


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