Fan Cover for the Mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy Desktop Toy

I have a little 18month old who like to grab things off my desk, I designed this fan cover so if she grabbed it, then she wouldn’t stick her finger inside the spinning fan blades.

Mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy: (ad#)


  • 1 x Wacky_Waving_Inflatable_Tube_Guy_Fan_Cover v1.stl

Print Settings: 

  • Resolution:  0.2mm or higher Layer Height (0.4mm Nozzle) 
  • Filament: PLA
  • Supports: No



Pixel 6 Spigen Wireless Charging Phone Stand

Spigen Wireless Charger Link: (ad#)

I recently purchase the Google Pixel 6 to replace my aging OnePlus phone. I had the Spigen wireless charger my wife used to charge her phone. I designed a new stand to hold the wireless charger for my Pixel 6. This might work for other phones too.



TicWatch E3 Charging Stands

I couldn’t find a stand for the TicWatch E3, so I modified my older design to fit this watch.


TicWatch E3: (#ad)

While doing so I created a totally different version for the watch just sit at a height so the wristbands can rest to the sides.


Mini Brands Grocery Grab Game Piece Holder

Another quick design for the ever-growing collection of board/game cards that my daughter and I play. This time for “Mini Brands Grocery Grab” which can be found at Walmart.

The game tokens are placed at the bottom and the cards on top with easy access.



Arctic Cove/Ryobi One Misting Fan Battery Cover Replacement

I whipped up this replacement cover for my Artic Cove misting fan after the dogs knocked it over and chewed the battery cover-up.

The original cover was only designed to fit a maximum 4amh battery and not the 6amh batteries. I’ve included two different versions, one that matches the original max size of 4amh and the second one for a maximum of 6amh. Your choice!

Tested with MBF0181, but this should fit the Ryobi One (PMF01) #ad version as well.

Original Replacement – Arctic_Cover-Ryobi_Misting_FanBattery Cover 60mm .stl
Upgraded for 6amh battery – Arctic_Cover-Ryobi_Misting_FanBattery Cover 80mm .stl

No Supports needed, Happy Printing!


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