Arctic Cove/Ryobi One Misting Fan Battery Cover Replacement

I whipped up this replacement cover for my Artic Cove misting fan after the dogs knocked it over and chewed the battery cover-up.

The original cover was only designed to fit a maximum 4amh battery and not the 6amh batteries. I’ve included two different versions, one that matches the original max size of 4amh and the second one for a maximum of 6amh. Your choice!

Tested with MBF0181, but this should fit the Ryobi One (PMF01) #ad version as well.

Original Replacement – Arctic_Cover-Ryobi_Misting_FanBattery Cover 60mm .stl
Upgraded for 6amh battery – Arctic_Cover-Ryobi_Misting_FanBattery Cover 80mm .stl

No Supports needed, Happy Printing!


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