Raspberry Pi 3 Wall Mount Case

Wall mountable case for the Raspberry Pi 3(B/B+). I wanted something I could mount in my enclosures and have power soldered directly to the GPIO pins.

3 x M3 Nuts
3 x M3 8mm Bolts (Lid)
4 x M3 6mm Bolts (Case)
1 x 2.1 MM 5A DC Power Jack Socket Threaded Female Mount Connector ( – Optional with Case choice.


Case with Power Option in the rear of the case.
1 x 1-RPi3_Case_v1.stl
1 x 1-RPi3_Case_Lid_v1.stl

Case with power option in the front of the case.
1 x 2-RPi3_Case_PowerFront_v1.stl
1 x 2-RPi3_Case_PowerFront_Lid_v1.stl

A smaller version of the case, no power option.
1 x 3-RPi3_Case_Small_v1.stl
1 x 3-RPi3_Case_Small_Lid_v1.stl



UV Resin Curing Paint Can Lid

I created a lid for my 1 gal. Metal Paint Bucket so I could use it as a curing station for my Elegoo Mars prints.

Materials Needed:

Materials Needed:
1 x 1 gal. Metal Paint Bucket and Lid –
1 x Mirror Sheets Flexible Non-Glass Mirror –
1 x UV Resin Curing Light with Solar Turntable 360┬░Rotating Stand –

Part Options:
1 x UV_Curing_Station_Paint_Can_NoSupports_Part1.stl
1 x UV_Curing_Station_Paint_Can_NoSupports_Part2.stl

Optional: 1 x UV_Curing_Station_Paint_Can_NeedSupports.stl



Roborock S5 Max Bumper

Recently purchased the Roborock S5 Max and I noticed it would be caught in one of the bedrooms which had a metal hammock with tubular frame. The robot would go over it and get stuck. You can set a no go zone, but I still wanted to have it clean that area still.

Roborock_S5_Max_Bumper_v3.stl – Shorter version
Roborock_S5_Max_Bumper_Extended_v3.stl – Longer version if someone might need it.

Update: 2/16/2020
Updated both models to have a tighter fit so they would not move around.

Update: 2/19/2020
Increased width to 15mm and made an adjustment for a tighter fit.



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