Mini Wrench Bottle Opener Keychain

A cool little wrench bottle opener that can be quickly printed and added to your keychain/keyring. I’ve tested and working on standard Coca-Cola bottles.

There are two different models to choose from. One with wording or a blank version.

  • MiniWrenchOpener.stl – Bottle Opener lettering
  • MiniWrenchOpener_Blank.stl – Blank slate.

Update 03/02/22

  • Increased the size of the bottle opener head to deal with more load.
  • Increased the tooth size for a better bite on the bottle cap
  • Recommended printing @100%, updated notes.
  • Added 3MF projects with 100% infill on the open-end head. Perimeters included.


Mini Brands Grocery Grab Game Piece Holder

Another quick design for the ever-growing collection of board/game cards that my daughter and I play. This time for “Mini Brands Grocery Grab” which can be found at Walmart.

The game tokens are placed at the bottom and the cards on top with easy access.



Arctic Cove/Ryobi One Misting Fan Battery Cover Replacement

I whipped up this replacement cover for my Artic Cove misting fan after the dogs knocked it over and chewed the battery cover-up.

The original cover was only designed to fit a maximum 4amh battery and not the 6amh batteries. I’ve included two different versions, one that matches the original max size of 4amh and the second one for a maximum of 6amh. Your choice!

Tested with MBF0181, but this should fit the Ryobi One (PMF01) #ad version as well.

Original Replacement – Arctic_Cover-Ryobi_Misting_FanBattery Cover 60mm .stl
Upgraded for 6amh battery – Arctic_Cover-Ryobi_Misting_FanBattery Cover 80mm .stl

No Supports needed, Happy Printing!



Playtex Diaper Genie Carbon Filter Holder

My 2nd daughter was born a few days ago. I had set up the baby diaper trash can, but I didn’t have the holder for the filters. I designed this print as a “print-in-place” model. Use double-sided foam tape or a 3M command strip to secure.

I used 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips (Medium) found here.

Carbon filters here:




eufy 2K Indoor Cam Window Mount

I saw on r/eufy there was a request for a windows mount option similar to the wzye camera.
I previously created an outdoor enclosure for the Eufy 2K Camera here:

So creating this didn’t take too long. It uses the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips (Medium) found here.

This mount allows the camera to be pulled flush against the window.


Please Enjoy.


AmpliFi Alien MeshPoint Wall Mount

I recently purchased the AmpliFi Alien WiFi 6 WiFi System, this includes the standalone mesh point. I spent the weekend running ethernet in the attic to have an access point in the closet in the back of the house via an ethernet backbone.

This mount will fit both the main router wifi access point and the mesh point.

Product for reference:
AmpliFi Alien WiFi 6 WiFi System


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